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for Executive Leaders

for Executive Leaders

I help senior leaders reach their extreme performance and achieve maximum impact in their society or marketplace

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for Entrepreneurs

for Entrepreneurs

I help entrepreneurs master the art and science of building high growth business and keeping their sanity while doing it.

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for Youth

for Youth

I help youth earn their Alpha status through understanding group dynamics and practicing their social influence skills.

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A little bit about me

Mastering the journey of building companies step-by-step in challenging conditions

The only way was developing the knowledge, experience and skill set on extreme business survival


I had a passion for coming up with innovations since a very young age. To transform my innovations into sustainable business, I had to acquire the entrepreneurship experience and skills.

I wanted to inspire more people to join movements. So, I had to learn to build networks. They called me a leader. I wanted to shy away. Then I embraced my willingness to lead and had to systematize what I know about leadership.

Through AMS Leadership Institute, I share stories, best practices and case studies on leadership, social influence and building a great business.

My mission and vision

Changing and furthering the development of various areas where I posses knowledge and expertise.
Below is a basic representation of some of the areas I care most about.


I believe in change driven by economic development through entrepreneurship, competitive markets and putting production first.


I believe the greatest impact can be achieved through focusing our efforts on white rabits, the leaders with most impact to shape the future.


Continually foster inexpensive systems with principle-centered value. Interactively matrix cross-media methods of empowerment without fully


I prefer to exclusively focus efforts on innovative ideas, products and services as the gateway to reaching new horizons of productivity.


I believe in the democratization of accessing knowledge as a way of seeding a new generation of leaders and economic empowerment.


Monotonically provide access to superior outsourcing after cross-media convergence. Interactively incentivize open source

Realizing your leadership potential

I believe we exist in the world to make change happen. Once you realize your mission to make change you start your journey as a leader. I have experienced the journey on many levels and established AMS Leadership Institute to share case studies and best practices with you


A little story

My career journey have evolved naturally to equip me with experiences of building a great company.

Below is a representation of the natural evolution of my career.

Some of my achievements

My services

I provide a number of services in areas I’m most passionate about.
Services are based on areas where I have hands-on experience .

Project Management Tools by Abdo Magdy

I’m an experienced public speaker. 8 years of ToastMasters membership and over 100 speaking engagements including corporate Keynote, event emcee and hosting and  various public talk experiences.

Combining my experience as an entrepreneur and executive leader with my passion for coaching and helping people. I’m glad to provide one-on-one coaching experience to corporate leaders. My coaching methodology combines advanced analysis with iterative performance optimization .


I design, deliver and facilitate training workshops to help you acquire the skills and taste the experience you need to succee.

As an experienced business strategist, I’m glad to share decisive moments with my clients. I help CXOs take the right strategic decision in relation to their business.



Below is a brief introduction to some of the projects I had been involved with

Microsoft Geeks Day

So, I was invited by some awesome Microsoft…

Google Ebda2 – Project Management Tools

As a part of Google Ebda2 Crash Course…

Google Ebda2 – Presenting to the Public

My presentation during Google Ebda2 Crash Courses about…

Entrepreneurship in Upper Egypt, S3Geeks

Never had to upper Egypt before, this statement…

Successful Bootstrapping at Nile University

I was invited by Dr. Yasser Hosni of…

Celebration of Entrepreneurship

Watch on TwitVid: http://www.twitvid.com/QPYBX As my entry in…

Upcoming Events

You can also get closer to what I’m doing by joining events, seminars and retreats.
Checkout some of our upcoming events below.

Latest Blogs

I love sharing my thoughts on latest projects, ideas, challenges and events.
Check out some of my latest blogs below.

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